Three Months?

So, ok. I haven't been working much on my aran until now, but I'm finally starting to see more than the first three rows, so it's exciting.

Here's what I have as of this morning:

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I hope to be at Knit Nite tomorrow, so I'll see you at Java Station! :)



Well, the blue hand-to-hand is in the UFO pile- just too brain dead to work on it these days. I've statrted another EZ. This time a percentage sweater with a cable up the front. A little more mindless, but the easy cable pattern keeps it from being too boring.
Knit on!


monster, monstrous, monstrosity

i have lost track of how many years i have spent on this project. i got back on it this past wednesday. i went full speed with the sleeves and, as of this morning, i have joined them to the body.

the yellow bar is for scale. it's 13 inches long. the width looks small, doesn't it? i expect it to expand by two inches (four all around) once it's blocked. note how the cables on the sleeves are smaller than those on the body. that's because the sleeves are knitted with 2ply weight while the body is 3ply. yes, big fubar.

this stage of the knitting is slow and difficult. the sweater is more unwieldy now more than ever. and heavy. i have to put it down and recuperate every half round. plus the yarn i'm using is really rough. my index fingers and thumbs are getting pretty chafed and calloused. not fun at all.

the challenge now is the shoulder decreases. i can think of no other method than the simple raglan. even then, i suspect it won't be easy.

how is your aran coming along?


my aran-along offering: rogue-in-progress


It's going. Slowly.

Well, I have been working on my sweater. Just working on it slowly, that's all. I am about 2/3rds done with the back. I am going to do the sleeves next but I plan on doing them at the same time. That way I know they match and I will do them faster.

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k9, p2, k8, p1, k8 ..... rrrriiip!

I'm lost in sleeveland.

I've finished the back of my sweater, and was about halfway done on sleeve #1, until late last night when I was putting it away for the day and I realized I forgot to cross one of my cables about halfway down. Thats always fun. I calmly put it to bed, and in the words of Scarlett O'Hara thought... I'll worry about that tomorrow. Which unfortunately is today. Now I have to rip down about 3" of cables and increases to fix the problem. Maybe the fact that I received my new order of yarn yesterday can distract me enough for the weekend to make this little problem a non-issue.

I keep meaning to post a progress pic., but I have to wait til Saturday when I can get a daylight shot that shows the cables. The one I took in roomlight with the flash looks like hell.

Hows everybody else coming along?


"The Pattern's in the Mail"

I ordered the pattern for this sweater:

It's the cable Aran pattern of my Irish family heritage complete with descriptions of the symbolic meanings of the cables and my family crest.

But... they (ClanAran.com) emailed me back to say that their sweaters and patterns have been more popular than they had imagined and everything's been taking a month longer than usual to get out.

I wish they could just scan and email it to me then. Don't they have scanners in Ireland?

Anyway.... I'll continue to wait for my pattern in the mail - and perhaps I'll do the saxton scarf in the meantime or something else to ease my cable cravings.