another sweater

i've decided to start up another sweater for this project. i have everything ready: natural white yarn, needles, gauge swatch, cockiness, everything except a decent cable pattern.

that's one of the sketches i made in attempt to revise the pattern i used for the gray sweater. i learned to do that from zimmermann. anyway, due the difference in gauge between the 2ply and 3 ply, the number of stitches went down by 35. i have to omit a lot of the smaller cables in my original layout in order to achieve the desired circumference. grim.

how do you lay out your design?


Blogger caramelknits said...

Holy Cow! I'm so not at that stage yet! I can see what it is, but I wouldn't be able to tell you how to read it. Can't wait to see YOUR design in motion! :)

8:10 AM  

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