buttons, but not really

i'm not a big fan of button but since chauntel said she was going to make one, i thought may be i could too. may be.

is there a standard size for these things? i wanted to make it big enough to see everyone's names but small enough to not look obnoxious. this is the full image.

i think holly might be making a button too. anyone else?


i ordered yarn from briggs+little today. it's a hail mary attempt because i'm not sure if it will match what i have. ah well, at least it's inexpensive. $4 per hank and $5 flat shipping. the only down side other than not matching is that it will take three weeks to get here. is canada that far away?

i have some natural white yarn at hand that i might just start up another aran. one for me instead of jg. is anyone else using white yarn other than donny?


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