i am almost embarrassed

(but obviouly not embarrassed enough) to post my paltry progress so far. you see, i spent most of my meagre amount of knitting time this weekend on a different sweater, not much araning at all. the time i spent on the aran was used figuring out which cables i might want to use and which might fit the sweater shape i want and then working on a braid pattern that i modified from all three strands containing 3 stitches to consisting of two strands with 2 stitchs and one strand of 3 stitches. i am sure there is a pattern for this exact cable in a multitude of places, but what would be the fun of that?

so, i started out and got this:
loose cable
but was unhappy with the way the strands disapeared into each other, so i modified the pattern, leaving one less row between cables. This meant that for my swatch, i had to make every other cable from the WS, which meant i had to use my brain this weekend, a duty that i had been avoiding up until that point. oh well, not every weekend can be brain-activity-free.
tight cable
i am much happier with the second braid. it is hard to tell in these pictures, but the strands would kind of blend into each other at some off the crossings on the looser braid.
oh, here is the chart for this extremely simple thing (please don't post to tell me what book i could have found this in :) )

oh, i made a button also. i hope to get a better one later, but i need more aran pics before that is possible"


Blogger thuy said...

i like the second braid better, too. i can't take my eyes off the chart though. very nice, hx!

5:42 PM  

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