side seam magic

i spend a lot of time lately thinking about how i might get lung cancer. i smell cigarette smoke all day long. it comes whafting in through the operable skylight in the bathroom. my @*!&%# neighbors must smoke like chimneys!

so, i'm going to die from second hand smoke. the good news is: i don''t have to rip my sweater.

how do you like that? i'm a regular magician these days. i've got a magic wand, everyone! it's called a crochet hook!

after the last post i thought long and hard about the cramped look of the cables. i really can't add anymore stitches to the sweater so that's the way it will have to be. the only problem left is the side seam design.

so the night before last i sat and stared at the sweater. those @*!&%# side seams! i didn't want to rip the entire sweater just for them. no one will even see them! i stared at it off and on for hours.

a bit more stout and a lot better looking than the original side seam. i had to jack a few near by stitches to make it happen. the only downside to this trick is that it looks all tweaked at the hem. ah, but it beats having to start over again!

i have proved yet again that if you don't want to do something badly enough, you will come up with a way around it.

how are you doing on your project?


Blogger Donny said...

It looks terrific. Man, you're alot more patient than me! I picked up my blanket to start working on it after having put it away for awhile a couple of of months ago, and accidentally worked an entire row one stich off in the pattern (I must have been watching tv or something ) and I didnt notice it until about 2 or 3 inches later.... but there was no way in Hell I was going to rip all that out! I just figured that in the scheme of things nobody would notice it but me. Lesson learned - the hard way - is that I have to write down on a stciky note the row number I am to start knitting when I pick it up again, that way I wont get lost.

I ordered some yarn yesterday from handpainted for my aran sweater - although Im still settling on a pattern. Hopefully it will be here next week if all goes well ( and if I get the correct yarn!) Oh - I got one of the Zimmerman books - Knitting Without Tears - its great - I think she will inspire me to knit a seamless aran with my own pattern configuration. Thanks for the tip!

I am almost finished with the seamless beenie - Ill finish tonight. It looks great, but I did have to rip about 1/4 of it out last night because I mistkenly wrapped one stitch twice at the increase, and it bugged the crap out of me. Its MUCH better now - and perfect!

Good luck in Aranland

6:16 AM  
Blogger tellen said...

I have decided on my pattern and am now swatching the yarn. I am using Bernat Handicrafter yarn in a pale blue. I haven't matched the gauge yet but I believe with a size 6, I will have no problems. I am not starting until Feb 1 as I currently have two other projects on needles that need to be finished.

11:15 AM  

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