thirteen at the starting line

13. cindi, inishmore by a starmore
12. michelle, hand to hand by e zimmermann
11. maura
10. summers
9. suzanne
8. alice
7. melissa
6. tracy
5. donny
4. thuy
3. holly
2. erin
1. chauntel

the latest participants are using pretty intense patterns. check out michelle's gauge swatch on her blog.

by the way, tomorrow is the official start date for this knit along. i hope to see everyone's update on his/her knitting progress. oh, and don't forget to say rabbit rabbit first thing in the morning.


Blogger cindiknits said...

Hi everyone! I just joined the knit-along and I'm jazzed about starting my sweater. Jazzed, but a bit terrified, too, if truth be told. I've never tried anything so complex. I just learned to knit about a year ago, and am currently experimenting with arans and lace. Thuy suggested I introduce myself. I live in Sacramento with my husband and two stinky old dogs. When I'm not knitting, I teach political science, read, listen to SF Giants games, and grow veggies. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's projects as we go along. Thanks for letting me into the group!

1:13 PM  
Blogger xmasberry said...

hi Cindy! i am a bit terrified myself, to tell you the truth, but hey, what else am i going to do?

3:33 PM  
Blogger tellen said...

Welcome Cindi! I am also from Sacramento, although I currently reside in Santa Barbara. I was terrified to start the sweater, having only made one item with one simple cable on it but I have found that I LOVE working on it. Good Luck!

6:07 PM  

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