deciphering the poom's english**

holly and i bounced back and forth on starmore's instructions like a couple of ESL kids. holly had it right all along. the only stumbling block was the centre bit.*

here is my interpretation of the mess after our discussion, shown upside down for stitch clarity.

hole check

we figured out that the instructions is nothing more than a way to stuff five stitches into one, with the centre stitch being the middle one of five. this is one of those instances where a picture would say it all. but that would be too easy.

* the correct spelling would be center.
** my friend bean once referred to debbie bliss as a poom. i imagine she feels the same about alice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to point it out to you, but centre is the correct spelling if you're English, Canadian or French

11:22 PM  

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