first, a call for help

i am doing swatches at the moment - figuring out what stitch patterns to use - and i am having a problem with one of the stitches. it is a decrease 5 stitches into one, described as follows:
sl decrease 5 sts tog thus - sl 3 knitwise, one at a time, with yarn at back, drop yarn, then * pass the second stitch on right hand needle over the first (centre) st; sl the centre st back to left hand needle and pass the next st on left hand needle over it**; sl the center st back to the right hand needle and rep from * to ** once more; p the center stitch.

this is what i get:

a big fat hole! any ideas? i'll try anything that pops into your mind at this point!


Blogger thuy said...

hm... i'll have to try to read this entry again once i stop crying.

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