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holly did it. everyone's name is on it. 100% official.

i did not say rabbit rabbit this morning. in fact, the first word i uttered was no. so much for good luck.

my aran progress as of yesterday:

as i feared, the cables look very much cramped. too late now. i have to learn to like it because i'm not going to rip it.

here's the sleeve:



i ordered supplemental yarn from briggs+little and received them within two weeks. unfortunately, it's a cold gray that doesn't quite match the batch i own (which i suspect was not made by b+l). i wavered between using the mismatched yarn and continuing to search for the perfect match. it really hurts me to have to give in but i did. lesson learned.

all the screw ups plus two

there will be a ghastly line at the underarm where each sleeve is joined to the body. i hope it won't be so obvious. otherwise, i will have to take the project to the fireplace.


Blogger Donny said...

Youre too critical! I dont think the cables looked cramped at all!

6:11 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

I don't think the cables look cramped either - I think it actually works really well with the yarn, and the double moss stitch (or whatever it is) is bulky too, and helps tie the whole thing together. I really like it!

8:08 AM  
Blogger Tori said...

It is funny how we are critical of our own work, eh? This cabling is beautiful! Your stitches are even, the yarn you chose shows nice definition. I'm not sure what you meant by cramped, the repitition of the large cable pattern with adjoining smaller cables and the moss stitch is wonderful. About the color difference, you might be able to hide it better by using the different yarn just in the cuffs or knitting a few rows of one they a few of the other (color). If you want to try and match the color there's a section at Elann.com where you can list in the "desperately needed" section for yarn. There is also someone on EBay selling a lot of Briggs and Little (sp?) yarn, Maybe you could send a bit of yours to them and they could match it before sending? If you need help getting the contact information for the EBay person let me know. Just trying to give you some ideas, your sweater is so beautiful.

8:12 AM  

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