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i have lost track of how many years i have spent on this project. i got back on it this past wednesday. i went full speed with the sleeves and, as of this morning, i have joined them to the body.

the yellow bar is for scale. it's 13 inches long. the width looks small, doesn't it? i expect it to expand by two inches (four all around) once it's blocked. note how the cables on the sleeves are smaller than those on the body. that's because the sleeves are knitted with 2ply weight while the body is 3ply. yes, big fubar.

this stage of the knitting is slow and difficult. the sweater is more unwieldy now more than ever. and heavy. i have to put it down and recuperate every half round. plus the yarn i'm using is really rough. my index fingers and thumbs are getting pretty chafed and calloused. not fun at all.

the challenge now is the shoulder decreases. i can think of no other method than the simple raglan. even then, i suspect it won't be easy.

how is your aran coming along?


Blogger xmasberry said...

looking nice! i cannot believe how far you are. of course, if i would start i would be much further than i am.

4:29 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

it looks great. I know what you mean about rough woolies. i have a wonderful wallaby that i thought i'd never get through, but love to wear it. it got really heavy, too by the time i joined the arms and body. i haven't finished my blue hand-to-hand, but i did start another one. i still don't know how to post, but it's on my blog.

6:06 AM  

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